What is SEO optimized website design ?


What is SEO optimized website design ?

What is "Seo" mean ?

Search engine optimization is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement. Wikipedia

Why we need an Optimizition web design for SEO ?

Tai sao can phai thiet ke website toi uu SEO ?

Website is the face representing brand for every company, business on the internet. In order for many people to know and remember the brand, the face of the company, the website is not only beautiful in appearance but also needs to create a standard SEO website.

A company or business with an SEO-standard website is an affirmation of the quality of products / services they provide. Website SEO standards are a popular design trend today, is an effective approach that saves the most cost to promote your brand to customers.

Website SEO Standard is understood to achieve optimal factors to be search engine friendly. SEO standards usually include standard SEO websites and standard SEO articles.

Apollo Technology Solutions is a professional SEO website design company; Commit to a lasting effect thanks to the most standard and advanced SEO methods. From there help you own a standard SEO website design completely friendly with Google. The fact that your website has a good ranking on Google search is a premise to promote business activities, increase the number of users visiting the website, which is a sales opportunity.

Technology that you will need to designing an website seo friendly ?

Cac cong nghe phai co trong thiet ke website toi uu SEO la gi ?

● Technology for designing cross-platform websites

● Technology of flat web design

● Technology to prioritize page loading speed

● Technology applied Lazy loading in web design

● Focus on images in web design

● Building introduction when designing web

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Ranking Criteria ?

Cac tieu chi de danh gia website toi uu SEO la gi ?

● Website that allows Google and search engines to index

● Title and description on Google search results page 

● Optimize page load speed ● Friendly interface, compatible with many devices (laptop, PC, mobile, tablet, ...) by Responsive technology 

● Optimize SEO on-page (URL adjustment frame, title tags, description tags, ALT tags, heading tags, images, ...) 

What does Seo do for you website ?

● Maximum savings on advertising costs

● Website is fully optimized according to SEO standards

● Website is developed most comprehensive

● Traffic increases steadily and steadily

● Increasing opportunities to reach customers ➔ Increasing sustainable revenue; effective control of business strategy

● High ability to classify customers. Target the right customers, available needs

● Increasing brand awareness; affirm the orthodoxy and brand position ➔ Expand the market quickly

Fix an Seo-Unfriendly website to an Seo-Friendly website

If you was has your own website but dont know that was optimazted for seo or not. Update new posts everyday but still not appear o Google.. Apollo Technology Solutions can help you. Let we fix all of your problem

To design and complete a seo website not only requires a high level of seo technical expertise, but it is also affected by hosting server, optimizing web loading speed in code, understanding the general Google algorithm (bing, coke cup, ... in particular)

ApolloTech provides a free website health check and consultancy service at
ApolloTech Seo Services. Customers, partners need to leave contact via the above form for advice completely free and most accurate. Our seo, seo or not website analysis technology is the latest and most accurate technology updated daily based on Google's algorithms. Guaranteed to produce the most satisfactory and accurate results

Why should seo website ranking on top gg ?

Trong thoi buoi bung no cong nghe nhu hien nay, cac hinh thuc quang cao truyen thong thong qua truyen hinh, bao dai, to roi, bang hieu... dang dan tro nen lac hau boi hieu qua cua no mang den khong cao nhung lai ton kem qua nhieu chi phi. Thay vao do, cac hinh thuc quang ba thuong hieu va san pham thong qua Internet  dang duoc quan tam hon bao gio het. Trong do SEO la cong cu Marketing Online dang duoc hang nghin doanh nghiep tai Viet Nam trien khai thuc hien, SEO website chac chan mang den cho ban cac loi the ma cac cong cu Marketing Online khac khong co duoc dong thoi anh huong truc tiep den hieu qua kinh doanh cua cac cua hang, doanh nghiep hien nay. Va cong ty Apollo Technology Solutions luon luon san sang cung cap den ban dich vu SEO website len TOP Google.

The benefits of web SEO to TOP Google

Maximize advertising costs

● Increasing opportunities to reach customers

● High ability to classify customers. Target the right customers, available needs

● Website is fully optimized according to SEO standards

● Website is developed most comprehensive

● Traffic increases steadily and steadily

● Increasing brand awareness; assert the orthodoxy and brand position

● Rapid market expansion

● Sustainable revenue increase. Control effective business strategy

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